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This list - courtesy of Art Johnson and Stan Scislowski - shows those members of the 48th Highlanders of Canada who died on active service in the Second World War.

Regimental Numbers were not assigned to officers.  Every unit had its own block of numbers to assign from; each Militiary District had its own letter prefix. The rule was that once enlisted and assigned a number, the number stayed with the soldier no matter which unit(s) he was reassigned to.  

Number Rank Name Date of Death
B72705 Private THOW, William F. May 18, 1940
B74287 Sergeant PORTER, Arthur S. Jan.31, 1941
B73614 Private MELNYK, John Feb.16, 1941
B72748 Private WILTON, Alexander W. Apr.25, 1941
U1594 Private ELLINGHAM, Walter G.F May 18, 1941
NA Captain SEAGRAM, Philip F Mar.8, 1941
B73734 Private McKEOWN, Ray Feb.13, 1942
B73808 Private PARTRIDGE, Thomas A.
B72880 Private PEARCE, William S.
B75096 Private BARNETT, William July 20, 1942
B73869 Private PALMER, George H.
B73754 Private ORVISS, John A.
D72899 Sergeant BASSETT, Walter B. Aug.15, 1942
B97604 Private REDDON, Garfield Dec.17, 1942
B74483 Private NICOLSON, Angus G. Feb.28, 1943
B131227 Private SIMMONS, James H. July 12, 1943
NA Lieutenant MacLACHLAN, Edward M. July 15, 1943
B72922 Private McCONNACH, Nathaniel July 16, 1943
B74190 Private BESSERMAN, Jack July 18, 1943
B73914 Private DICKS, C.W.J.
B371167 Private LAMPERT, Max J.
NA Lieutenant MILLER, William S. July 19, 1943
B74444 Private TAYLOR, Victor M. July 20, 1943
B72976 Private YOUNG, George E.
B75008 Private McCRIMMON, Arthur J. July 21, 1943
B73408 Corporal BALL, Harvey P. July 22, 1943
B93743 Private CAMERON, James
B75065 Private HOLMES, Douglas M.
B73676 Private LEADBETTER, Ray W.
B72586 Private THOMPSON, William J.
B72819 Private WHALEN, Murray L.
B74572 Private BURKE, Carl V. July 23, 1943
B73813 Private LEITH, Irvine W. July 24, 1943
B73748 Private ARBOUR, William July 25, 1943
B73375 Sergeant BIRNIE, Peter
B75000 Private COCKBURN, James
B73486 Private DUNCAN, Lloyd
B114089 Private GARVIN, W.P.R
B73446 Corporal GORDON, Morley
B73133 Corporal LENNON, William
B73776 Private McGREISH, John M
B73972 Private MORTON, Arthur
U1834 Private MURRAY, Daniel J.
B134374 Private PICARD, Murray J.
B133164 Private THORBURN, John R.
B72831 Private WARRENER, Ronald M.
NA Lieutenant OSLER, Robert F.

July 26, 1943

B74054 Private PARKES, Orville F.

July 27, 1943

B73654 Private PARTLAND, Frank O.
B73190 Private HARDACRE, Thomas R. July 28, 1943
F97653 Private RENDELL, Gervase July 29, 1943
NA Lieutenant CHASE, John E Aug.1,1943
B72809 Private WALKER, James
NA Captain WHITELAW, George T.
B73084 Lance Corporal FULLER, Lionel G. Aug.2, 1943
B74294 Private DOWNES, Robert Aug.6, 1943
B64778 Private DAVIS, Mervin L. Sept.4, 1943
B72730 Private MARTIN, Clarence G. Sept.10, 1943
K66780 Private MURRAY, Francis
B72669 Lance Corporal WILSON, Edwin L.
B64587 Private WEBB, Francis R.

Sept.30, 1943

B66035 Private BEARE, William L. Oct.3, 1943
B73870 Private CUBITT, Norman M.
B38473 Private HANSEN, Raymond
B73366 Sergeant LAPP, Joseph W.
B48531 Lance Corporal MOSES, Frederick J.
B75266 Private OWEN, George
B134585 Private SHETTELL, George A.
NA Lieutenant BOUGHTON, George C. Oct.4,1943
B68302 Private COURRIERE, Robert L.
B134908 Private QUINN, Dennis
B42142 Corporal SMITH, Kenneth D.
NA Lieutenant WOOD, William B.
B103111 Private GOUGH, William H. Oct.10, 1943
B72930 Lance Corporal ROBERTSON, Walter J.C. Oct.13, 1943
B75300 Private MacARTHUR, Lorne Oct.19, 1943
B73234 Corporal ARDAGH. George A. Oct.22, 1943
B75273 Private ANDREWS, Roy B. Oct.23, 1943
B72858 Lance Corporal MARSHALL, John Oct.24, 1943
B75397 Private WARD, Ronald C.
B74022 Private MARTIN, Thomas V. Oct.25, 1943
B72902 Private LE VOIR, W. Oct. 26, 1943
B75167 Lance Corporal JENKINS, Alfred G. Oct. 27, 1943
B37566 Private KELLY, James H.
B72814 Company Quartermaster Sergeant McMONAGLE, James W. Oct.29, 1943
B73625 Sergeant MOORE, William J. Oct.31, 1943
NA Lieutenant MAGEE, William H. Nov.4, 1943
B65729 Corporal SAYMAN, Norman F. Nov.7, 1943
B74420 Private BOREHAM, Arthur L. Dec.3, 1943
B73013 Private JOBES, Frank
M106583 Private TITHECOTT, Frederick J.
B74110 Lance Corporal YEOMAN, Harold J.
B112745 Private AUSTIN, Emmet F. Dec.7, 1943
NA Lieutenant GRANT, Duncan C.
B73482 Lance Corporal BOOTH, Arthur E.

Dec.8, 1943

B73098 Private DOCHERTY, John T.
B73072 Lance Sergeant ELSTON, William G.
F31103 Private GALLANT, Peter A.
F60718 Private JOHNSTON, Aeneas D.
B72901 Private KENDALL, Joseph
B67625 Private LEADEN, Albert G.
B132826 Private OWENS, Michael T.
M106236 Private SCHAUER, Lester
B73801 Private SNOSWELL, Thomas H.
B73973 Private WELLER, Allen K.
B72634 Private HOPKINS, William O Dec.9, 1943
E106629 Private KERWIN, Ernest
B59792 Private McCRACKEN, William R
K37077 Private RILEY, George
B79355 Private STONEHOUSE, Montague S Dec.11, 1943
M16024 Private DENARD, David R Dec.13, 1943
F66136 Private COMEAU, Emile J.R Dec.15, 1943
B73588 Corporal CRAIK, James T.
(served at death with Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment)
Dec.18, 1943
B72646 Lance Corporal FEREDAY, Terrence
F32781 Private MORRISON, Daniel G
B75061 Lance Corporal POGUE, William S.
B14152 Private STEPHENS, Monty E.
B73359 Private PASCOE, John L.A. Dec.19, 1943
F60654 Private DELORIE, Kevin J. Dec.20, 1943
B74535 Corporal MACKINNON, Alexander J.
B132288 Corporal NETTLETON, Eric M.
H19503 Private STEWART, Jack
F60603 Private GILLIS, Timothy E Dec. 21, 1943
B78571 Private HAWKES, George A.B.
B75023 Corporal LEITCH, James T.
B65734 Private HAMILTON, Harold Dec.24, 1943
K50154 Private WARIN, Ernest W.
D71834 Lance Corporal MICHAUD, Gerrard Dec.25, 1943
B75208 Private McDONALD, Eric K.
K42924 Private PASTOR, Frank
K45316 Private RANDALL, George D.
B43342 Private SANFORD, Norman E.
B36596 Private STEPHENSON, William
B73477 Corporal WILCOX, John K.
B37413 Private WYNN, Alexander
B73643 Private DAINTY, George E. Dec.26, 1943
F54899 Private FRYE, Allistair
A105673 Private MITCHELL, Donald F.
B54592 Private OUELLETTE, Victor J.
B88156 Sergeant ROBERTSON, Robert D.
NA Lieutenant ARRELL, Kenneth S.  (Mentioned in Despatches) Dec.27, 1943
B46753 Private BUCHANAN, Arthur J.
B75318 Private CHALMERS, William J. Dec.29, 1943
F73451 Private COOMBY, George
B38041 Private HUDSON, William A.
B77142 Private SOLMAN, Arthur S.W.
A50508 Private STEPHENSON, Harry B.
H103921 Private TOUPIN, Rene J.J.
B72773 Private BLYTH, Robert Dec.30, 1943
K43514 Private UNDERDOWN, Gerald P.
B69564 Private BALFOUR, Ronald E. Dec.31, 1943
C21191 Private DALZELL, George
B72946 Private DAVIDSON, Gordon B.
G408 Corporal HALEY, Carl M.
B37151 Private HARVIE, Andrew H.
G51418 Private LAVOIE, Honore E.
A105787 Private MORRISON, John G.
B63866 Corporal SKAROTT, Raymond D.
B73471 Sergeant TAYLOR, William C.
B136415 Lance Corporal TOMASIK, George L.
B73757 Private ROBERTS, James G.
K50289 Private TULL, Ernest S.  Jan. 1, 1944
B73185 Corporal McCARTHY, William T.W. MM Jan.6, 1944
F60322 Private MacDONALD, Joseph H.  Jan.8, 1944
B74108 Lance Corporal SCOTT, John E.
B72746 Private HUGHES, Ivan J. Jan.9, 1944
F55361 Private DRISCOLL. George L. Jan.10, 1944
NA Captain HEIGHINGTON, Edward N.   Jan.19,1944
A22273 Sergeant CARLE, Robert MM Jan.20, 1944
B73762 Sergeant ELLIOTT, John D. Jan. 21, 1944
A117256 Private RIVAIT, Wilfred J.(served at death with RCR)
A11453 Private LANG, Ronald B. Jan.22, 1944
B75259 Private PATENALL, Percival Jan.23, 1944
B75388 Private DONALDSON, George E. Jan. 24, 1944
B73435 Private HOLLAND, Thomas J. Jan.29, 1944
B74077 Private TWEDDLE, Ernest A. Jan.30, 1944
B132297 Private JAMES, Albert E.
M12564 Private MOORE, Ralph P. Mar.11, 1944
D72309 Corporal SHYNKARCHUK, Peter Mar.25, 1944
B64840 Private BRICKLES, Samuel Apr.2, 1944
B55613 Private McCAFFERY, John F Apr 6, 1944
H77626 Private ROLSTON, Harry I.E Apr.10, 1944
B43464 Private CZACH, Joseph Apr.16, 1944
NA Lieutenant DICKIE, David M. M.I.D May 15, 1944
NA Lieutenant MAYNE, John G May 16, 1944
F60573 Private OULTON, Sterling R. May 17, 1944
B73578 Private REID, Duncan L.
B132630 Private SHRUBB, George H.S.
B144167 Private SUNDERSTROM, Gunnar E.
C65219 Private BOWMAN, Lawrence B.
B73492 Corporal FOX, Harry
B146868 Private LYNN, Robert J.
B74182 Corporal SMITH, Clarence A.
B70372 Lance Corporal WEEKS, Stewart S.R.
B72915 Private BLAYLOCK, Harry A. May 20, 1944
B73610 Lance Sergeant ALLEN, Edsel H. May 22, 1944
B43336 Private CALLAWAY, Richard C.
F3480 Private DOUCETTE, John E
B147086 Private DUCHARME, Rheal G.J.
F60115 Private EASTER, William J
F52115 Private KEDDY, Allan L.
A61062 Corporal MANSON, Boyd S.
B41887 Private MITCHELL, George A
B126253 Private REES, Reginald J.
B144627 Private SUTHERLAND, David M.
B147068 Private BRADEY, Allen C. May 23, 1944
B64765 Lance Corporal BROCK, Orval E.
B130005 Lance Corporal CLUTE, Wallace S.
B134599 Private GRAHAM, Melvin
A88082 Private HAYDEN, Forbes E.
B75006 Lance Corporal JOHNSON, James H.W.
B130554 Private LEWERS, Albert
B41871 Private McALPINE, James A.
B73592 Sergeant MULHOLLAND, Rodger D.
B135878 Private MOSS, Charles E
B73169 Private NEWTON, Frank
NA Lieutenant SNIVELY, Douglas S.
B73343 Private SUMMERS, Leonard
NA Captain WILSON, John A.
B148878 Private WOLBAUM, Stephen P.
F33244 Private GOUTHRO, Charles L. May 24, 1944
B134521 Corporal PERRIN, Melville G
A10364 Private GRIFFIN, Roy H. May 28, 1944
C110086 Private COVERT, Elmer V. May 29, 1944
B73353 Lance Corporal CURR, George C. May 30, 1944
B73859 Private ASHWORTH, John June 16, 1944
B73586 Private HUNTER, Norman C. June 8, 1944
NA Major LYON, Robert P. July 8, 1944
NA Lieutenant GLASS, Edward Drew (Canloan 1st Gordon Highlanders) Ed Glass was told by the CO of the 1st Gordons to wear his 48th shoulder flash as well as the Gordon flash. Aug. 15, 1944
B146907 Private SKELLY, William J.P. Aug.24, 1944
B37232 Sergeant BOLES, Edward D. Aug.26, 1944
B145541 Private OAKLEY, Sam E.
A22196 Corporal HOOPER, John J.
B42769 Lance Corporal SEXTON, Lawrence J.
B75272 Private ALLAN, William A. Aug.28, 1944
A107684 Private BARKER, James W.
B143284 Private BLOCK, Lionel
B75653 Private CAMERON, Donald R
B67458 Private COWAN, Robert D.
B145617 Private LEOCHKO, Michael W.
B54774 Private LOUGHTON, Bertie J.
D140766 Private McDONALD, Alexander B.
H103063 Private BAILIE, Thomas F.

Sept.4, 1944

NA Major RAWLINGS, Edward C.
G4510 Private ROBERTS, Willard R.
B73887 Corporal DAVIE, Gordon Sept.5, 1944
B75093 Private DERRICK, Steve M.
B63775 Sergeant HARKER, James
B83542 Lance Sergeant McINTEE, Otto H.
B32711 Private PERRAULT, Willard H.J.
B130803 Private DONALD, John M. Sept.6, 1944
D139911 Private LAING, Arthur G. Sept.6, 1944
B112553 Private SMYTH, Robert Sept.8, 1944
B135921 Private WEATHERUP, Kenneth O.
B131124 Private BRIGGS, Charlles H. Sept.15, 1944
B19048 Private BURKE, Peter D.
G18466 Private FREEMAN, Raymond R.
B135887 Private GRAY, Oliver C.
B72788 Lance Corporal JARDINE, Irvin
C120451 Private McGILL, Ray W.
B43109 Private BENT, Reginald E. Sept.16. 1944
B74189 Private COLLINS, George D.
B137859 Private DAFOE, William R.
B88055 Private EDGERTON, Frank R.
B17941 Lance Sergeant FOWLER, Eric
B114114 Private GEIKIE, Jack T.
B76727 Private IRWIN, William J.
B73981 Private KENNERLEY, John
B79966 Private KINGSHOTT, Gordon G.
B68879 Private McLAUGHLIN, Michael J.
F76056 Private PRICE, George
A109587 Private VAN POELE, Petrus J.
B65086 Private WILSON, Stanley E.
B148076 Private CADARET, Francis G.B.A. Sept.17, 1944
B73440 Sergeant CASWELL, Donald K.
B150026 Private JARVIS, Robert G.
U1696 Corporal JENKINS, Thomas L.
B63568 Lance Corporal MACARTNEY, William L
B134467 Lance Corporal PATENALL, Albert E.
B73578 Lance Corporal REID, Duncan L.
B43528 Private UNDERWOOD, Ralph G.
D71990 Lance Corporal STOUGHTON, Berkley J. Sept.18, 1944
B136852 Private WILLIAMS, Thomas R.
D142868 Private ALBERT, Saul Sept.19, 1944
L102908 Private ESSAR, Elmer
C121327 Private McLAUGHLIN, Alfred J.
B38059 Lance Corporal THOMPSON, Cecil L.
C5592 Lance Corporal DINGMAN, Reginald L. Sept.20, 1944
B79395 Private MOULTON, Gordon C. Oct.4, 1944
B62743 Private BERRY, John S. Oct.5, 1944
K148 Private ZAHARIA, Steve Oct.11, 1944
B72828 Sergeant ADAMS, George D. Oct.14, 1944
B131698 Private GILLARD, Alfred W.
B73142 Sergeant SHAW, Robert J., MM
B63765 Private FLEET, Donald S. Oct.15, 1944
A11332 Corporal FRASER, Clarence E.
B87954 Corporal MALE, Charles C.
B50797 Lance Corporal EMERICK, Robert E. Oct.17, 1944
G4387 Private MAHONEY, Alexander J.
K48282 Corporal McLEOD, Alexander
B84574 Private OXENHAM, Lawrence R.
B143645 Lance Corporal RAE, George
B72990 Lance Corporal PURDY, John R. Oct.18, 1944
A54652 Private REMNANT, Robert T.
G18085 Sergeant WADE, James A. Oct.31, 1944
B135917 Private PEART, Davidson R. Dec.4, 1944
NA Major McLAREN, Frederick G. M.I.D. Dec.5, 1944
B136473 Corporal ANGOVE, George R. Dec.10, 1944
B160184 Private MARTIN, Sidney C.A.
F51345 Lance Corporal PULSIFER, David L.
B74550 Private RENECKER, Walter
A103282 Private WAGHORN, Gordon A.
B73878 Private WALTERS, George
C120309 Corporal BLANCHARD, Thomas C. Dec.11, 1944
D139699 Private DRISCOLL, Ernest H. Dec.11, 1944
B75097 Private GRAY, John C.
B73826 Lance Corporal McDOWELL, Henry
B147317 Private MULVIHILL, Daniel J.
H66743 Private THACKERAY, Colin
B73998 Private WARNER, John H. Dec.14, 1944
B42813 Private FORD, Victor W. Dec.15, 1944
B119884 Private BOOCOCK, Allan J. Dec.16, 1944
A12016 Private JAMIESON, Walter
C35205 Private KETCHEN, Donald E.
B54725 Lance Corporal REANEY, Ernest J.
NA Lieutenant SMITH, Sandford G.
B149806 Private WALKER. Hugh E.
B133449 Private WILLOUGHBY, James B.A.
B53067 Private CUBITT, Earl R.W. Dec.17, 1944
NA Lieutenant HOFFMAN, Murray
K62490 Private NORTHEY, Robert A.
B68683 Private OLDFIELD, James W.
A103510 Private OLIVER, Allan W.
B138561 Private PEACOCK, Howard M.
B110550 Private WORRALL, Edward C.
NA Lieutenant WILLIAMSON, Richard O.B.
B39824 Private HORD, George A. Dec.18, 1944
B144418 Private WILSON, John E.S. Dec.21, 1944
B73156 Lance Corporal BROWN, Murray A. Dec.25, 1944
B146145 Corporal FORDEN, John H. Dec.26, 1944
B119916 Private HOOD, Albert E.
B73726 Private HEWETT, Robert B.S. Dec.28, 1944
B144947 Private PRIEUR, Joseph A.
C52868 Private BRAY, Joseph A. DCM Dec.30, 1944
F36090 Private CONNORS, Douglas P. Jan.13, 1945
NA Captain CHILDS, Edward M. (served at death in HLI) Mar.6, 1945
B130719 Private DAVIS, Allan F Mar.9, 1945
B144940 Private AUBRY, Roland Apr.12, 1945
B135716 Private CASS, Gordon H.C.
C5312 Private GAYNER, Jordan W.
B81581 Private GUNTER, Berton C.
B2162 Private HARRIS, Frank
B147040 Private JONES, George A.
NA Lieutenant Colonel MacKENZIE, Donald A. DSO
D158001 Private OLIVIER, Ronald
B157880 Private STAUGHTON, William J.E.
B131969 Private CONNELLY, Leonard O. Apr.13, 1945
C120097 Private IRONS, George B.
NA Captain McCUTCHEON, Harold J.
B78871 Lance Corporal TOWNSON, James L.
B65605 Corporal ARMSTRONG, George R Apr.15, 1945
H1209 Private DUCHARME, James
B147975 Private POPE, Harry D.
NA Lieutenant WILLIAMS, John F.
F79568 Private HYSON, Ronald V Apr.16, 1945
K49909 Private JAMIESON, Robert
B126600 Private WILEY, Wilson G. Apr.29, 1945
B113741 Private MOTKALUK, Steven J. May 2, 1945
K69634 Private CHAPPELL, Harold May 13, 1945
B73735 Private CHILVERS, Harold July 18, 1945

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