Drill Manual

This page was designed by, and the information provided via, Rob Malcolm of the North West Historical Association.  This is a reprint of portions of a Second World War Canadian Drill Manual.

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Page 13: Part One, Chapter One, Definition of drill terms Page 20: Diagram of a battalion in close column Page 21: Chapter Two, Attention, Standing at Ease, Standing Easy
Page 22: Turning by Numbers, Length of Pace & Time of Marching Page 23: Position in Marching, Marching in Quick-Time Page 24: Changing Step, Marching in Double-Time
Page 25: The Side Step, Turning when on the March Page 26: Turning when on the March (cont.) Page 27: Chapter Three, Falling in at the Order, Attention from Stand at Ease, The Slope from the Order
Page 28: The Order from the Slope, The Present from the Slope Page 29: Picture Aids Page 30: The Slope from the Present, Inspection of Arms
  Page 31: Inspection Arms, To Examine Arms, The Trail from the Order Page 32: Order from the Trail, Change Arms at the Trail, Short Trail, Sling Arms

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