Patton's Best

The game Patton's Best was released by The Avalon Hill Game Company in 1987. The Canadian Wargamers Journal, published by the Canadian Wargamers Group, published the following Combat Calendar in their Feb/Mar 1988 issue. The General, Avalon Hill's own magazine, printed an expanded version of that calendar in Volume 25, Number 3 (as part of an article entitled "Canada's Best". The calendar allows players of Patton's Best (a solitaire board game of armoured combat from the perspective of a single tank crew) to simulate the experience of the Fourth Canadian Armoured Brigade of the 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division. The calendar is credited to Mitch Rupe.

Only two of the tank cards in the game are needed to simulate the Sherman in Canadian service. Canadian tank troops (platoons) were generally organized with three Sherman V tanks and 1 Sherman Vc. Thanks to Gary Krockover for scanning and additional work on the cards. Canadian Shermans (with the exception of the Firefly) did not have the loaders hatch. The commander's vision cupola was also a post-war addition to Canadian armour. They also generally deleted the anti-aircraft .50 calibre MG as it was of limited use against ground targets.

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