Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge is a hex and counter game designed by Kerry Anderson and published by Microgame Design Group in 2001.


The game includes:

  • 280 unmounted counters, with separate front and back sides produced in full colour on laser copy paper
  • double sided sheet with combat results tables, terrain effects chart, movement point table and morale table
  • 12 page rules booklet
  • 2 page mapsheet, produced from a laser copier on ledger-size paper, folded in the middle
  • one laser copied title sheet


According to, Vimy Ridge is a re-release of the game Vimy Ridge: 1917 formerly published by Pacific Rim with minimal changes in the rules but substantially altered graphics.


A website entitled "The Imaginative Strategist" (going online in Feb 2005) hosts handsome counters to replace those sold with the game.  The Canadian counters have the correct Formation Patch for the unit depicted as part of the illustration, while German units have the correct State roundel as a background to the artwork.



Example listed above, and pdf files available at 1999-present